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More Than Outsourced Medical Billing. We are your partners in practice success! 


Outsourced Medical Billing

Medical Billing is Our Specialty. You shouldn’t have to worry about time-consuming and confusing medical billing tasks. Our specialized team is 100% focused on handling your medical billing effectively and efficiently so that you can get paid without the hassle.

Propel Practice Management Outsourced Medical Billing in New York City
EMR Software in New York City - Propel Practice Management

EMR Software

Our software’s emphasis on flexible input options means that you can choose to manage your data in the way that is proven to work for you – not the way that someone else has decided is best.



Virtual Registered Nurses

Our Virtual RNs become an extension of your team – train them as you would any other employee. They can support your support team or simply be a back-up to your front appointment desk.

Virtual Registered Nurses  in New York City by Propel Practice Management
Medical Credentialing Services in New York City - Propel Practice Management

Credentialing Services

Enrollment with some providers can take as much as 9 months. Let us get you contracted weeks or months faster while you focus on your practice.



HIPPA Compliance Services

Regularly evaluate the status of the HIPAA compliance efforts your company has in place. Assess all security and privacy standards. Organize documentation of your policies and procedures in an easily retrievable manner.

HiPPA Compliance Services in New York City by Propel Practice Management

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